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CCL are market leaders in consistently providing quality and reliable data from a wide range of sources including: cloud, mobile devices and Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. Guarantee legally defensible data with confidence in our ISO17025 accredited lab and tools.


The brief

Two investment firms were in talks regarding a potential join venture. This was until one firm went ahead with the project alone without informing the other party. CCL were approached by lawyers to find filter emails and shared documentation proving this.

Our actions

CCL assisted the client with an Electronic documents Questionnaire (EDQ) and sent teams to the client site to undertake a scoping exercise of infrastructure. Time frames and disclosure extent were agreed.

Specialist teams conducted keyword searches across all collected data, using keywords provided by the law firm. Once responsive documents were produced for client review, CCL provided further support through review and evidence disclosure.

The result

CCL were able to provide clear evidence of breached agreement and potential false intention within the agreed time frames and in a clear and easy to review format.